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Building Approvals

Our team of accredited certifiers specialise in providing a range of services for new home or renovation projects. With certifiers located in both Queensland and NSW, we are across all relevant state legislations and building code requirements.


Our qualified and expert certifiers will assist you through your entire project timeline, providing mandatory inspections and report generation to ensure your property is up to industry construction standards.

Our services include:

Construction Certificates (NSW Only)

Construction Certificates are required prior to the commencement of any building works. Our proactive and timely service ensures your project is delivered promptly and efficiently and abides by the Building Code of Australia and is consistent with the Development Consent.

Complying Development Certificates (NSW only)

Our team will assess your project against your local Council’s Development Control Plan to assess whether it could be eligible for a fast-tracked Complying Development Certificate. Attainment of this Certificate means the approval process can be fast tracked, saving valuable time in your development process.

Development Permits (QLD only)

If building in Queensland, we can assess the compliance of your building plans with the Building Code of Australia, your Council’s Planning Scheme and other relevant statutory regulations and issue an approved Queensland Development Permit to commence works.

Mandatory Inspections During Construction

Independent stages of construction inspections are now mandatory throughout the building process to ensure your construction is adhering to the National Construction Code and relevant industry standards. Depending on your state, our certifiers will conduct these mandatory inspections at certain stages of the building process and provide a detailed report of any outstanding issues needing rectification.

Final Building Inspection Report

At the completion of your project, our certifiers will conduct a final inspection and if approved, will issue a final Building Inspection Certificate outlining that your development has met all relevant industry standards.


Our certifiers can be independently engaged to conduct a range of additional services including:

Building Code of Australia and Due Diligence Reports

We can assist in assessing a project’s compliance with the Building Code of Australia, identify any areas that need attention and issue the relevant Building Codes of Australia (BCA) report.

Performance Based Building Solutions under Building Code of Australia

Our Certifiers are able to assess Performance Based design solutions in order to achieve cost effective solutions to your building project without compromising the objectives of the Building Code. In New South Wales, our certifiers can assess Performance Based Solutions providing they do not conflict with the Fire Safety objectives of the Building Code of Australia.

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